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    Chrome displaying raw HTML

    rlauriston Community Member

      Our WebHelp works fine in Firefox and, usually, in IE, but Chrome was displaying raw HTML instead of rendering it.


      One of the developers figured out the issue was with the DOS/Windows-style CR/LF newlines RoboHelp generates. If we convert them to UNIX-style newlines, Chrome works fine.


      I previously encountered an issue where that interfered with checking files into CVS and logged a feature request that RoboHelp support UNIX-style newlines for WebHelp.


      You would not encounter the problem if your Web server automatically converted non-UNIX newlines.

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          Peter Grainge ACP/MVPs

          Is this related to your thread last week where I mentioned framesets?


          If this issue is what you were getting at when you said this fix is required, then we are talking about different issues. This is something I haven't seen anyone else report previously but thanks for the information and the fix.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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            rlauriston Community Member

            Yes. Turns out I don't have the fix.


            If I serve the help with "bad" newlines using my test instance of Apache, Chrome renders the help fine. I don't understand why that fixed it for the developer.


            The only place we see the non-rendering problem is in in the actual application where the help is served by Tomcat (without Apache).

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              rlauriston Community Member

              OK, solution was to change the encoding to US-ASCII in the WebHelp properties. Then the newlines are not an issue.


              As I said this seems to be an issue only when serving from Tomcat. I wonder if it might also have fixed my old issue with IE7?