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    I have bought a student CS6


      I have bought a student CS6 as I attend Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, WA and have installed it on my desktop and on my laptop, which I carry to school.  The laptop and desktop were initialized with the proper number sent by email with no problems.  Last Saturday when opening the program it wanted to give me a 30 day trial which is wrong, but I had to day yes and expected to put the initialized number in later.  Trying to put the number in it says that it is not correct and now I can’t open the program at all.
      I can understand that you want to stop the stealing of your programs, but penalizing the legitimate buyer is making it a little too hard.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          It sounds like you are facing a permission issue with your licensing information.  What operating system are you using on the computer which is now in trial mode?  Do you have any other Adobe software installed on this computer?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Jeff said, something is messing with your licensing system. Either it's a genuine permission issue or another software on your system is interfering, which could be anything from an overly keen virus scanner to some exotic freeware program that has replaced a critical system DLL. Anyway, you did provide zero system information, so this is not even beginning to go anywhere. Check the things I mentioned and then come back with more details.