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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/acrobat/pro/using/WS58a04a822e3e50102bd615109794195ff-7c7c.w.h tml

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          robearbeach Level 1

          I'm on a Macbook.  Selecting and right clicking on the text in the text box brings up the dictionary and an option to change text from left to right to right to left.  I cannot imagine why anyone buys this ridiculous program in which text boxes disappear, Adobe's instructions don't work, etc.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            I'm not sure you've told us what your problem is, specifically...

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              Though I notice you are talking about text boxes and the page you came from is NOT talking about text boxes, but regular text. Perhaps if you describe your problem in more detail someone can help.

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                robearbeach Level 1

                I'll try.  I am running Adobe Acrobat X Pro on a mid 2010 Macbook Pro.  I am not running or editing PDF documents in ANY other program: Not Mac Preview, not Omnipage, not ANY other program. 


                First I open Adobe Acrobat X Pro.  Then file, then open any pdf file.


                I click tools then Add or Edit Text box.


                Then a typewriter tool opens.  I type text in a text box.  I confirm that the font is black.  Once I've completed typing the text in the text box, I click anywhere in the document outside the text box and the text in the textbox disappears.


                I can click back inside the textbox and the text reappears.  I can change the font color in the textbox to any color from black to red to purple to white.  It doesn't matter.  As soon as click outside the text box again, the text in the textbox becomes invisible.  It doesn't matter if the text in the text box is white on a black background (or any other color) or the text is white on a dark background (black or any other color).  As soon as I click outside the textbox, the text inside the box disappears.

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                  Sabian Zildjian Level 4

                  Save a sample file and post it for the forum to view.  This way we can see if the object is actually being created or not.

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                    robearbeach Level 1

                    I don't know how to save a sample file to the forum.  But I know it's actualy being created because I can close and reopen the document and the text box is still there and you can still select the text in the text box, view it and see it.  But as soon as you click outside the text box, the text in the text box disappears again until you click back inside the text box.


                    This problem has been discussed ad nauseum with no solution ever having been given.


                    http://blogs.adobe.com/dmcmahon/2011/09/17/acrobatreader-x-how-to-enable-the-typewriter-to ol/


                    By Judy - 5:10 PM on May 24, 2012   Reply

                    I am on Adobe X Pro and whenever I add text using the text edit tool the text disappears when I add text to another place in the document. It is also creating comments for every place I add text. How do I get the text to remain visible in the document and not create a comment?





                    "I have a map pdf that I printed from Google Earth. I want to use text boxes to put labels on it. I can place the text boxes and get the font and colors all set up OK, but then when I click the cursor in a new place to start a new text box, the first one vanishes and won't come back unless I mouse over it. I've wasted hours trying to solve this one! I'm using Acrobat Pro X and Windows 7. It also happens with Acrobat Pro 9 and XP."










                    Usually, responders claim that one is using Mac Preview or reader or some other program.  THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM.  THE DOCUMENTS ARE BEING CREATED AND/OR EDITED IN ADOBE ACROBAT X AND NO OTHER PROGRAM.