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    clip color bug in CS6 ?

    Mr Bansaw Level 1

      I have been doing some work on an audio project we have.

      Part of this work involves coloring clips in a certain group.


      Anyway, I colored all the clips and checked it out. Everything was fine.

      I saved it, closed down AA and went back in,  and... shock.... some of the clips had changed color!

      It looks like a bug!

      I tested it out a few times and changed clip colors and changed them back, saved, exited, etc,   and... coming back in the clips had changed color.


      Are you aware of this?  Does it do the same for you?

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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3

          No problem here on Windows XP Pro SP3, but then, I probably don't have the same number of clips in the same arrangement as you.


          Audition Version 5.0.1 Build 7.

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            SuiteSpot Level 4

            Maybe you could supply a screen dump of the before & after as well as post the sesx file

            That way a few of us can try and replicate the problem

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              Mr Bansaw Level 1

              One thing I should mention is that we've been using Audition CS3 etc, and these were .SES files.

              We used Ses2Sesx to convert them to .SESX files.


              I tired to create a SESX file from scratch and color the clips , and Audition CS6 actually worked fine.   So, I think its an issue with my converted file?

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                SuiteSpot Level 4

                Okay so the colours changed from AA3 to CS after converting using Ses2sesx?


                That makes sense because the way colours are stored in AA3 and the way they are stored in CS are essentially totally different and its not possible to do a one to one conversion.

                In a way its like trying to convert an apple to an orange sure they are both fruit but that is where the similarity ends.

                Hence a little bit of artistic licence was employed - so that would be me who is guilty and not Adobe but I can live with that

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                  Mr Bansaw Level 1

                  Thanks ....  Actually I managed to open Audition1.5 .SES files in Audition3.0 (which we have here too), and then save it as .XML format.


                  Then CS6 was able to open the XML and the colors carried across no problem.

                  The only thing was that the effects applied to the tracks were missing.

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                    SuiteSpot Level 4

                    I think that if I had to have one or the other as far as accuracy I would go with fx


                    The problem with the colour conversion is that in AA3 and earlier colour (or hue) is represented by a number such as 112 but essentially in CS it is a scale of three values (red, green & blue)

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                      Mr Bansaw Level 1

                      Its easy for me just to write the fx parameters down and insert them manually into cs6.  Luckily they're just one or two track effects.


                      With CS6, the colors seem to be much less vibrant than 3.0 etc...  So clip groups look less distinct.  I have to got though anyway and change some colors here and there.


                      The other strange issue I am having with cs6 is that of clip volume.....  but thats a separate post I made a few mins ago!


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                        SuiteSpot Level 4

                        If you send me the ses & xml that imported into CS6 with no problem with the clip colour conversion I will see what I can do to get a better clip colour conversion.

                        Email me the sesx as well if you don't mind