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    Macbook pro

    Arrakis Newcomer

      Hi,  Im using after effects on a 2011 model macbook pro Lion OSX with a solid state drive. Its not too bad but could be better.  I cant afford a whole new system currently as Im studying but I was wondering is there any way of using one of those nvidia quadro cards etc with a macbook pro?  IF so which one, and how do I do this?   Thank you

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          Mylenium Legend

          You can't upgrade the graphics hardware of an MBP and that settles that.



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            Rick Gerard Mythic

            MacBook Pro's have great resale value. The only MBPro with a compatible card is the new Retina model. A trade-in is your only viable option.

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              Arrakis Newcomer

              Ok so say I were to sell it what would you recommend I buy for best performance with a budget of no more than 4K.

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                Rick Gerard Mythic

                If you need portability and want to stick with a Mac then the Retina display is the way to go. I'm very happy with mine. If you don't need portability and want to stay Mac then a Mac Pro would be the way to go. More cores and more performance for the $4K.


                If you want to move to Windows then you've got to be just as careful about compatibility and video cards with laptops. I'd also suggest that you go with a major manufacturer if you go for a desktop. These days you can get a pretty amazing machine for $4K....