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    LR4 - Strange Issues


      I've recently purchased a new PC with the following specs :


      Windows 7 64-bit Pro

      ASUS P8Z77-V LK

      16Gb Corsair RAM

      ASUS GTX670 GPU

      SSD Hard Disk (OS + APPS ONLY)

      2TB Hard Disk (DATA)


      Camera : 5d Mark II firmware v2.1.2


      I purchased the LR4 upgrade from LR3.  A fresh install and fresh hardware.  I installed LR3 and then ran the upgrade to LR4.  I opened my old catalog (from the 2TB drive) and upgraded it.  All worked fine.  I import photos from a CF reader (Lexar) via USB3.  However, I'm getting strange problems.  Firstly, application crashes when I first start the application - once I dismiss the dialog box, I doubleclick back on the icon and it works fine.  I also get crashes often mid-way through using the application. :



      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

        Application Name: lightroom.exe

        Application Version:

        Application Timestamp: 4fb2266f

        Fault Module Name: AgKernel.dll

        Fault Module Version:

        Fault Module Timestamp: 4fb2240d

        Exception Code: c0000005

        Exception Offset: 0000000000036a80

        OS Version: 6.1.7601.

        Locale ID: 2057

        Additional Information 1: ceb9

        Additional Information 2: ceb926bcd4e41fb3541fb66f40171fac

        Additional Information 3: 9315

        Additional Information 4: 9315fe6963f11d58ea9f423d9357c188


      Secondly, I'm getting strange corruptions.  Capture.JPG


      Thirdly, I'm having strange problems whereby, I'll have little coloured dots on my artwork (about 1mm in diameter - these also transfer to exported images whether in PSD or straight out of LR to TIFF) at 100%, if I then change a slider they disappear!  I've also had instances where an image that display fine in my library view will suddently turn black.  I then have to clik on the image go to develop, zoom into 100% and then the image will be viewable again.  I've had this happen also that when I came back to the library view, the next image along also was black. 



      So, what have I done:

      Scanned hard disks for bad sectors etc..  ran memory tests, ran spyware tools,stopped all services (like AV etc..).  I even tried d/l images directly from the camera bypassing the reader.  I tried the reader in a USB2.0 port vs. USB3.  But nothing - no progress.  I would love to use LR4 but these issues are stopping my progress.  Does anyone PLEASE have some suggestions I could try ? - I've scoured the forums and google'd and found related articles, but they all seem to stop before a solution was ever found.


      Just to add - I do not have ANY other issues with ANY other applications on this machine, I use PS, InD, IL CS5, Office 2010 etc... 





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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you verify that you use the latest driver from Nvidia for your video card?

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            MAT00900 Level 1

            I've updated all my drivers for both GPU, Motherboard etc....   any other thoughts before I remove and go back to LR3.6 which was working fine....?

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              Hal P Anderson Level 6



              It looks a lot like a hardware problem. Especially since it's a new PC.


              Even though you tested it, I'd still bet on memory. How did you test? Memtest86 is a pretty good one.


              Has LR 3.6 ever run on this machine?


              And finally, there's a free program, Prime95, that will run a "torture test". Try it in "Blend" mode.



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                MAT00900 Level 1

                Thanks Hal, in someways I would agree - but I still have a strange feeling its the upgrade that's doing this.  I did have LR3.6 installed and it worked fine - its been ever since - day one - I installed LR4.  I used memtest86 for memory test.  I will try the Prime95 and see if that displays any issues.  I will be sure to report any findings or solutions back to this KB as like I said, I see alot of people with similar issues but never a resolution....

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  LR4 uses the system’s resources in different ways so might show you hardware problems that LR 3.6 doesn’t. 


                  You might delete your previews folder for LR4 to make sure it’s not some sort of preview corruption causing problems, perhaps stemming from the conversion of the LR3 catalog.


                  There have also been some reports that moving the LR3 preferences file out of the folder that contains the LR4 preferences file makes some difference…as if LR4 is reading the LR3 preferences file at some point—maybe during the catalog conversion or maybe each time you start it up.


                  It might also be wise to start with a fresh LR4 catalog and see if it makes any difference, in case the conversion is the source of the images.


                  To diagnose the corruption—the diagonal bars, transfer the files outside of LR, using a card-reader, and make a backup copy of the images before importing them into LR4, to see if that affects the corruption.  If you still see corruption when transferring the images outside of Lightroom, try making a backup copy of the images in two ways: copying the same set of images from the card to two different places on your hard drive, and see if the corruptions are different.  Then do the copy of another set of images in another way:  copy the images once to the hard-drive, then copy that hard-drive folder to another hard-drive folder.  If you see different corruption when transferring the images twice from the card, then it is the transfer that isn’t working, which would be confirmed if you see the same images corrupted the same ways in the two different folders when you copied things from one hard-drive folder to the other.


                  Dots that change positions as you do things in LR4 are surely a video problem, because the dots aren’t part of the image data, they are part of the display of the image data.  The video problem could be caused by interactions between hardware components in your computer or by issues with the video card or driver, itself.  If there are BIOS settings to disable various hardware aspects of your system—built-in functions, USB speed, video-shared-memory-size, etc, then try shutting off some of those things and see if it affects how LR4 runs.

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                    MAT00900 Level 1

                    ssprengel, thanks for your reply - I've only just realised the post.  I will follow up on your suggestions and I'll post back my findings.  I have already tried to create a seperate standalone catalog ( but on the same hard disk) and the problems are still occuring. I will try the next over the following days.


                    Thanks again

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                      MAT00900 Level 1

                      Apologies for the delay inresponding to this post and thanks for everyone's help - after a long memtest86 run and a prime95 test - I found that one memory module was corrupt.  Upon removing this memory module I have had no further issues.  If anyone is having the same issues, I would advise removing all ram sticks and test each one individually. I personally also left the Prime95 running for 48 hours and did 7 passes with each ram stick - finally I got an error on one module.


                      I've now been running for 6 weeks+ without problems and I'm a happy LR4 user again :-)


                      Thanks again !!!