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    Need some advices about hls-live and hls-vod


      Hello, i need some advices about hls-live and hls-vod applications.


      Ok we have 24/7 Multiple Live Streams with dvr built on FMS (rtmp for flash player),

      also we have built edge/origin infrastructure to serve many concurrent connections and everything works well for rtmp. (sometimes it has problems when there are more than 10k conncurent connections but its ok)


      now we want to do same for ios/android devices using livepkgr.

      hls-live app works good, but when we are trying to read f4v files from hls-vod app it works very slow (1 connection only)

      does anyone tested hls-vod on many connections? how it works? does it have problems?

      also we are thinking to convert f4v files using f4vpp to mp4 and serve them via apache HTTP streaming without packager, will it be faster and better than hls-vod? is it worth to convert all this files?


      and one more question, what is the best way to count active connections on hls-live and hls-vod apps.


      Thanks and sorry if my english was bad