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    Why not include Module Tag syntax and parameters on KB Tag Page?


        @ BC Team


      Tags - Quick Reference Page in the KB http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/134/bc_1342.html appears to be the authoritative place for tags. What's missing is the Module syntax and parameters available (current release).


      Currently we are forced to try to aggregate this information ourselves from multiple resources and this leads to outdated and incomplete information, confusion, and lost productivity by your customers.


      I would like to see this info added and links back out to each module KB page from here. Developers being forced to create thier own documentation solutions to fill in the gaps in the BC docs takes away time from building sites and increasing sales. Instead of promoting other "Partners" that are building out subscription models filling in your poor docs,  you should be investing in higher quality documentation for all of us. 


      What is stopping you from adding this information to this already popular resource page? Is there a better solution?