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    How do I define the greatest _x position based on a loop, assuming I know the last element of the loop?

    exPluda? Level 1

      This may be complicated,

      I've a loop that creates emptyMovieClips
      then I use one function to onRollOver _xscale them += 10

      Now I want to move another movieClip based on the greatest _x position of my previously _xscaled elements, how do I do that?


      for (var i = 0; i<my_array.length; i++) {
      _root.menu_.createEmptyMovieClip("btn"+i, i+1);
      _root.menu_["btn"+i].onRollOver = function() {
      this._xscale += 10;
      MY_DRAGER._x = HIGHT._x;

      Can this be done?