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    Date Calculation on Time Sheet


      Hi,  I am working on getting our time sheets out of excel and into a fillable pdf.  I have had noproblems with any part of it until I got to the date calculations.

      I have looked at other threads and tried the recomendations but couldn't make it work.


      This is what I need.


      I have a field called weekending, this field is set to a date format of mm/dd/yyyy and is keyed by the employee when they are working on the time sheet.


      The calcuation I need is for the dates for each day of the week.  Our payweek starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.  So the calcuation for our first day of the week, Sunday would need to be the date entered in the field weekending - 6 days , for Monday weekending - 5 days, Tuesday weekending - 4 days, Wednesday weekending - 3 days, Thursday weekending - 2 days, Friday weekending - 1 days, Saturday weekending - 0 days.


      Each day of the week has it own field and needs its own calculation.  Please help, I am using Acrobat 9 Standard.