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    Issues with start page and default headings


      Hello there. I'm trying to give our school newspaper's webpage an overhaul using BC (without dreamweaver) and have run into two problems.


      First off, every time I set one of my pages as the start page, it doesn't stick. I've named it home, hit start page, base url still says no default start page. I've tried creating a new page called index, and it still doesn't work.


      Base URL: http://bellmagazine.businesscatalyst.com/

      Desired Home page: http://bellmagazine.businesscatalyst.com/index


      My second problem is visible on both links. Above and below the content are numerous links and text about BC, along with a floating "report abuse" button. I cannot find these in either the design or html tabs, and would like to remove them from my site. How do I accomplish this?