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    Question: RH9 Breadcrumbs in PopUps


      I saw one post from three years ago related to my current question; namely, adding breadcrumbs to placeholders either in a master page associated to topic files, or by requesting inside properties for a single source layout, which I believe overrides all other existing requests for breadcrumbs inside 'placeholders.'  How do you keep breadcrumbs on all topics, but not on the pop ups?

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I seem to recall that if you use both methods, I think you end up with doubled breadcrumbs. If your pop ups are separate topics I think you'd have to go the master page route and associate the pop up topic with a different master page that didn't have breadcrumbs turned on.

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            Copelandn Level 1

            Thank you for responding. I rechecked my two master pages (one for topics, the other for popup topics) and they are correctly associated to the test topic and associated pop-up topics. I also rechecked the layout properties before I regenerated and the breadcrumbs option seen in "navigation" are not activated/toggled on. What I get now is nothing, no breadcrumbs on any topics. I either get an "all" by using the layout option, or nothing when I use the two different master pages in RH HTML 9.


            I wonder if there might be a problem with using image maps inside the topics where the image is mapped to another topic with a second level of topics that are popups.  These popup topic files have the 'htm' file extension and are associated correctly to the popup master page. I just wondered if RH 9 would have problems if it had to go through the image map to see the next topic before it hit the popup htm files. It worked before, but somehow I have interfered with what was working. I do not see any unique user defined variables