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    Indesign CS6 epub export bug

    jhewitt@lifeway Level 1

      I am using Indesign CS6 to export a book to epub. Having problems with automatic numbers and bullets as well as spacing issues; however, I've made some adjustments and am getting a pretty decent epub. Here's the issue: When I convert my epub to Mobi using Calibre, I get double bullets and double numbers in my lists. I used this same process to create a Mobi file a few months ago in Indesign 5.5 with no problem. So I took one of my CS6 files, exported it to IDML, opened it in CS5.5 and exported to ePub. I then took that epub and converted it to Mobi using Calibre. No double bullets or numbers. So the issue is coming from Indesign CS6.


      Anyone else had this issue. Any other ideas on how to get a clean Mobi file from CS6?

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          cgrscott Level 1

          InDesign CS 6 (version is an early build with no patches or updates since the product shipped.  Until a major update for InDesign CS 6 becomes available, InDesign CS5.5 (version might be your most updated and reliable version to use for EPUBs.  It's good to report software bugs like the one you discovered.  I have InDesign CS6 but I'm using InDesign CS 5.5 for creating EPUBs, for now, because it is a refined, mature, and well patched build.

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            camilo umaña Level 1

            You have options for control this in the export palette.


            CS6 is a fantastic advance for making epubs.


            No patches is not a proof that it is not good...


            Coming back to CS 5.5 is absurd.

            Can you imagine a team of engineers wasting time and no proofing their work?


            Here we are finally exporting epubs for the first time, easily, really effective, and  maintaining the integrity of the original, in CS6.

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              cgrscott Level 1

              Camilo, Your right about the leap foreward that InDesign CS6 provides in creating EPUBs that are good-to-go, without having to crack them open.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  One of the big proponents of patching EPUBs, that are exported from InDesign CS5.5, agrees with you about InDesign CS6:


              Customizing InDesign's EPUB files without cracking them open! BY LIZ CASTRO

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                AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

                Judy, you should be using KindleGen (or better, Kindle Previewer -- easier) to convert EPUBs to MOBI files.


                Free download from Amazon.com:



                To use it, start up Kindle Previewer, then from its File > Open menu, select your EPUB. It will use the built-in KindleGen (normally a command-line program) to convert it to a MOBI file. If there are any issues with the conversion, you'll get a report with warnings and/or errors.



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                  lotuscott Level 1

                  I have to reluctantly concur. I'm finding that CS6 is somehow ignoring "space before" paragraph styling and I have to put it in manually.


                  I'm working on a book with 100 chapters, each starting with the same image. I honestly wish that CS6 wouldn't consider the image different every time its used and filling the .opf file with 100 references.


                  What does this mean? -epub-ruby-position:over;

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                    Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                    You should get the 8.0.1 update for InDesign CS6. It fixes several EPUB bugs including the "space before" problem and the "epub-ruby" (which is I believed intended for Japanese language.

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                      lotuscott Level 1

                      Thanks a million.


                      Re: Indesign CS6 epub export bug

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                      You should get the 8.0.1 update for InDesign CS6. It fixes several EPUB bugs including the "space before" problem and the "epub-ruby" (which is I believed intended for Japanese language.


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                        klein.daniel@me.com Level 1

                        I am also getting the double bullets and numbers using ID 8.01 update and exporting to ePUB, using Kindle Preview to convert to .mobi. I've found that Kindle Preview conversion from ePub gives the best results with images. Plus, it validates in the process. Going the Kindle plugin route does not give good results.


                        Anyone have any luck with eliminating the doubles, would be great to hear. Thanks!

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                          lotuscott Level 1

                          I've grown suspicious of using bulleted and numbered lists in epubs. Especially since some devices, like ADE, don't seems to support them.  Instead I use InDesign's "Bulleted and Numbered List" option (under TYPE) and "convert list to text."


                          Works fine for me.

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                            rudytheelder Level 1

                            I have the same problem. I have a nice-looking EPUB that I exported from Indesign 6. At least it looks nice in the Firefox EpubReader plug-in.


                            But when I use Calibre to convert it to MOBI, my bullet point symbols were doubled. And the two consecutive bullet dots weren't quite the same size, ugh. And the margins didn't look quite like I wanted.


                            So I used the suggestion made here of loading the EPUB into Kindle Previewer and then saving off the MOBI created by that.


                            So, fine, the double bullet points are gone. BUT my Table of Contents has been stripped out. 


                            By the way, exactly the same thing happens if I try and upload the EPUB directly to KDP...I think they're using hte same KindleGen that underlies Kindle Previewer. Double bullets are gone, margins maybe nicer, but no more TOC.  The TOC-stripping seems to be the "fault" of KindleGen...but that's a separate topic.


                            So then I tried loading the Kindle-Previewer-made MOBI into Calibre and converting it to MOBI with a setting to autogenerate a TOC from my headers styles h1 and h2.


                            Good news, the TOC is back. Bad news, so are the double bullet point symbols. Good news, at least now the pairs of consecutive bullet dots are the same size. More good news, the nice Kindle-Previewer handling of the margins is intact. I guess I'll just live with this semi-fix.


                            And I think we can say the double bulleting is the "fault" of Calibre rather than InDesign.

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                              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              We now have an InDesign EPUB forum so I've moved this posting there.