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    Adobe TV Does Not Play


      Read them all. None of the suggestions help.


      Uninstalled / reinstalled FP.

      Emptied cache.

      Deleted plugins. Reinstalled.

      Reset FP settings and Global settings.


      Uninstalled VirusBarrier.

      Turned on and off firewalls.


      IMac with latest OS + 16 gig RAM.

      Latest Safari and Flash Player. (Uninstalled, restarted iMac, reinstalled)


      Here's the kicker. BEFORE, Adobe TV was working fine. Still does on my MacBook Pro (i5).

      Then one day... No more Adobe TV lunch breaks. Adobe TV pages sit with a black box.

      It will not connect to stream video.



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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee

          Could you please let us know what you see in the following page: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html

          Please check if JavaScript is enabled in Safari. (in Safari, Preferences > Security.)




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            OswaldDesign Level 2

            Yes. I checked the Javascript and it is enabled. I also made sure the space used under the advanced setting was set to about 50 meg. Emptied the cache and restarted Safari one million times. Also, I tried this in Chrome and Firefox. Same condition. Black box. Video does not begin to stream. As mentioned, my MacBook Pro is on the same Airport network and streams the videos fine.


            Both are using Adobe CS 5.5 Web Premium software.  See screen capture of screen you asked about. Thanks.



            Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 9.15.25 AM.png


            Message was edited by: OswaldDesign In addition. I have uninstalled Flash Player, then reinstalled 10.2 version from CS 5.5 software. This matches the MacBook Pro. Still no change in iMac performance.

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              Michael Michaels

              I am having the same problem with Adobe TV. Has a soloution been posted anywhere yet? Many thanks

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                OswaldDesign Level 2

                Michael here's what I discovered. FOR WHATEVER REASON... when Flash Player 11.3.x installed via the automated version update check. It whiped out the settings neccesary for the Adobe TV to work.


                Here's what I did. And it worked.


                1. Uninstall Flash Player 11 from your computer.

                2. Restart your computer to get a clean start.

                3. Find Flash Player 10.x. Most likely in your Adobe CS 5 or CS 5.5 folders. INSTALL IT.

                4. Now open an Adobe TV video. RIGHT CLICK the screen. Select GLOBAL SETTINGS from the menu.

                5. The Adobe Flash Player Help Page is launched.

                6. Select from the side menu – Global Storage Settings panel.

                7. Check both boxes in the control panel window. (SEE IMAGES BELOW)

                8. Select the Global Security Settings panel. Add the two to be trusted. (I did this for good measure.)


                Then my Adobe TV videos started playing again.


                The FLASH Updater popped up again to install 11.3.

                To see if I was dreaming... I allowed it to install 11.3.

                It did. And you guessed it... NO MORE Adobe TV!

                I could not find a setting for a Global Settings link through 11.3 nor the same settings regarding allow 3rd Party storage to memory.



                I followed steps 1 - 8 again.

                BAM! I'm back in Adobe TV Land again.


                Hope my painstakenly learned knowledge and wisdom helps you out. Pass it on!

                There's too many people out there struggling with this and honestly, Adobe hasn't been much help with it.


                Screen Shot 2012-07-24 at 9.40.23 AM.png


                Screen Shot 2012-07-24 at 9.43.54 AM.png

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                  Michael Michaels Level 1

                  Many thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions until I had to reinstall the previous version of Flash... couldn't find it. So I when back to Adobe TV, tried to view a tutorial and of course it wouldn't play but asked me to download and install the latest version of Flash. I did this and it worked. It must be the auto-update as opposed to a manual update maybe? Anyway all is good now thanks to your help. Keep up the good work!

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                    OswaldDesign Level 2

                    Glad it worked out for you. I have a second iMac with the same problem but it still uses Flash Player 11.3.


                    I opened the Flash Control panel under the system preferences, under the Storage tab, I selected allow storage on this computer. But that did not work.


                    So I opened up an Adobe TV video. Nothing but a black screen. I right clicked and choose Global Preferences... it took me back to the System Preferences/Flash Settings.


                    Back to the Adobe TV blackhole. This time I right clicked and selected the Settings. This popped up the Flash Player settings. I selected it to allow storage but still nothing worked.


                    Here's the trick... And I am passing this on to other readers since your is working again.


                    On the Flash Settings popup, click the QUESTION MARK in the top corner.

                    Rather than launch the System Preferences Flash Player settings, it launches the Flash Player Help web page. There, you should see the Settings Manager AND Global Storage Settings. Check the same settings as mentioned before — "Allow third party Flash content to store data".


                    And now... IT WORKS with Flash Player 11.3.


                    I HOPE an Adobe Mediator is reviewing this so they can quickly help those frustrated people out there (like me). Adobe TV is an awesome and inspirational help for me!

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                      OswaldDesign Level 2

                      Sunil Bhaskaran


                      Please read my posts below for the Adobe TV "black out" cure. It's actually a very simple fix. However, from my experience in searching the Adobe Forum, not many have the answer.


                      So read up and pass along the knowledge!


                      Thanks again for your interaction and assistance. It helped me in the right direction.

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                        I found your solution after finally (a couple of months of frustration) getting to it a different way. I managed to get to the Macromedia page with the Flash Settings panel. I gave Flash unlimited storage on my computer (after a dozen other unuseful changes). That fixed it. I can't believe the way Adobe staff completely ignored all the folks with this problem. I'm still not sure what caused it originally although I suspect CS5.5 is the culprit. Because of the "deal" Adobe offered for a limited time, a free upgrade if you upgraded to 5.5 at a reduced price, I have 5.5 on my system although I never used any part of it. I was about to uninstall 5.5 when I saw the suggestion to increase the storage to 10MB, I went whole hog and gave it as much as it wants. If anyone knows the reason this happened, please post it in this thread.

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                          No Kidding! Adobe help staff couldn't solve this?!?!?!


                          flyfisher200 has it right.


                          One thing though: You don't have to give every site unlimited, or even limited access to store data on your HD. Just click the button "Local Storage Site Settings", scroll through the list for "helpx.adobe.com" Then give it the green light.


                          That gives Adobe sites like tv.adobe.com the ability to play the videos but will ask your permission for everyone else.


                          Come on Adobe?!?!?! Really???