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    Why can't "Share" each my Outlook email?


      Photoshop Elements 8 "Organizer" "Share" delivered email attachments via my Outlook email successfully yesterday, but today I cannot receive emails.  I tried using Adobe's Email instead of Outlook to send email attachments, but that doesn't work either.  Elements thinks it sent me an email with a code for me to enter in "Share", but I have not received any such email.  I am receiving emails from other senders in Outlook normally.


      How can I restore Elements' ability to send emails to me?




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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          Most likely, these emails are being sent correctly but have been marked as spam or junk mail.


          First, check your spam folder in your email client (Outlook). If the emails are not there, check your spam filters with your ISP (the company your email comes through, the part after the @ symbol in your address).

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            fling9 Level 1

            Thank you for your help, Brett.  I had checked my spam/junk and not found any of the "missing" emails, but now for some reason "Organizer" is sending email attachments to my Outlook for me to send.  That's what happened the first day or so but then it stopped working and so I tried switching to the Adobe email client.  I never did receive the confirmation email containing a code, and so I switched back to Outlook after a day or so and for some reason that method started working again.  I still don't know what went wrong in the first place.


            Thanks again for your help.