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    Adobe 10 Freezes my PC


      I bought Adobe 10 because 7 does not support the new D800 RAW files.

      Unfortunately I cannot use the software at all as it freezes my pc.

      In fact even if I dont open it the auto uploader freezes the PC after about 3 mins of inactivity.


      So having worked this out I managed to open the program without the uploader. I can look at a couple of D800 photos and guess what it freezes.


      The machine is windows 7 and has a rating of 7.4 so fast as is comes.

      If has newest drivers.

      It has no issues with any other software.

      It has no issues with Nikon NX2 which is really fast

      It had no issues with lightroom (except that is now uninstalled as it does not do D800 raw.)

      It had no issues with 7


      I was very happy with 7 now I have nothing I can use all because Adobe wont upgrade old software for the D800 raw format.


      Are there any other products that actually work that you can recommend for the D800 raw?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is your system 64 bit and how much Memory(RAM) does it have. The D800 is a 36mp camera so the files much be fairly huge unless you are shooting with lossless compression.

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            mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

            PSE10 runs fine on my Windows 7 Professional with 4GB RAM.  I have Dell Optiplex 760 - not a very powerful machine but good enough for my needs.


            With regard to your PSE7, Have you tried updating to Adobe DNG Converter 6.7.  It can convert the file to universal format.  Try this link:




            Read the notes and download the update.


            Good luck.

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              marcopolois101 Level 1

              It is 64 bit and Memory is not an issue 8GB RAM - NX2 handles the files lightning fast.

              I cannot believe this is a pc issue.


              There is something afoot in the auto uploader for certain. Possibly also another file handling bug as interestingly I noted two broken file links to D800 files in the 2 mins I could use it for last time.


              Regarding DNG - I dont agree with the Adobe policy of converting all RAW to one format with the DNG converter. I shoot raw and then only fully process a few files as a lot of the RAW is fine and just needs indexing for posterity. I do not wish to convert and save down all my files twice. Especially as the D800 raw is big and so is the corresponding DNG.

              Fine on the post shooting processed ones but not on the whole lot.


              So as a result of the workflow I use, using DNG would only allow my album to catalogue the DNG edited photos.


              Am I alone in thinking this way is the most efficient for the end user? Am I right that Adobe is more concerned in what is efficient for them than the end user? Great for the disk manufacturers I guess!

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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                I tested a sample file for the D800 obtained from DP Review. It was 43mb in size and opened quickly into camera raw and then into the PSE10 editor. And I’m only using an old 32 bit Windows Vista machine. Admittedly handling a large batch would be quite different but PSE is only a 32 bit application; so is limited in the amount of RAM it can utilize. Personally I would have upgraded to Lightroom 4.1 which has 64 bit support and a superb new camera raw engine (7.1) with new tools for highlights and shadows.


                Click to view



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                  marcopolois101 Level 1

                  Thanks - I have got this far too, but then what I assume is the uploader strikes again!

                  Complete freeze of the screen and need to power off to get any further.

                  On reboot I have to get the adobe programmes out of the system using task manager or I freeze again....


                  I have asked other D800 users and you are right lightroom is an option but the pros suggest "phase one" as it is designed for full frame ... essentially the D800 is a full frame camera. Supposedly Lightroom is going to struggle with the file handling in a way "phase one" does not. Will see.....


                  Have ordered an upgrade to lightroom 4 and will see how it goes as have a lot of historical indexing. If I had a budget I would be cursing! By the way Nikon NX2 also does all the highlights etc so this programme is really only for the indexing and some post processing convenience.


                  Anyhow, it is a while since I have had this type of issue with any programme let alone from an experienced software provider as Adobe.

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                    marcopolois101 Level 1

                    4.99 Jon - thanks for your comments. Well I can report that Lightroom does work ..... ish.

                    I have only frozen up a couple of times! Do you think the 14Bit colour depth files might cause the problem?


                    Hello .... is there someone else out there on this forum that has experience with the D800 RAW files?

                    If so please come on line and tell me esp. if you use full size 14Bit colour depth files.

                    Cannot believe I am alone here posting to myself!