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    Link from Web Content overlay to another article

    alidabbs Level 3

      Thinking caps on, guys. I am trying to reduce the overall size of a folio that contains a pop-out panel (a two-state MSO) that reveals image thumbnails in a vertical scrolling content frame. Each thumbnail is a button that takes the user to another article in the folio. The panel is repeated across all articles, which is handy for the user but wasteful in file size.


      In theory, I ought to be able to reduce the file size of the pages containing these panels if I was to replace the vertical scrolling content frame with a tall Web Content frame that would point to an appropriately designed HTML doc in HTMLResources.zip. This would minimise repetition of all those thumbnails.


      The problem, if you haven't already guessed it, is that DPS does not allow you to link from a Web Content overlay to folio articles. The 'navto://' convention simply won't work in this scenario.


      Is there ANY way to jump a Web Content frame to other locations in the folio? A non-standard, non-supported workaround would do me just fine.


      Thanks for reading this far.