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    Animation Problem

    manojb05 Newcomer

      Dear all,

      I am created a animation,  facing some problem

      Flash CS3, AS2

      1) Leaf is going upward direction and after 20 frame i am apply action is stop (Its a movie clip)

      2) After finising leaf animation tree growing animation is running (its another movie clip)


      problem is when movie is running after a 20 frame entire things is stop, i want after leaf animation COMPLETE & STOP

      Then start my TREE ANIMATION automatically

      How can i do it.



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          Ned Murphy Legend

          Either put a stop() in frame 20 of the main timeline or extend the tree for the length of its animation on the main timeline if you have more to add to the main timeline after it.


          What is happening is you are going back to frame 1 when you reach frame 20 so the tree never has a chance to play thru.

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            manojb05 Newcomer

            ok thanks murphy, i am created a entire tree with lots of leafs.

            We can put all leafs in layer by layer.

            1) In any chance make leaf to one by one movie clip and call other wise its more difficult to handle the entire layer

            1) in any chance makes all leafs seprate movie clip and interlink.header.jpg

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              manojb05 Newcomer

              please help this, my entire creative look like upper jpg.

              I trying to one by one masking technique, Plz help this.


              FLASH File

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                Ned Murphy Legend

                If you need to learn how to working with masking, then search Google for a tutorial using terms like "Flash animated mask tutorial"  - that will provide plenty of results


                If you already know how to work with masking, then you either need to just start working on it or you need to explain what your problem is.

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                  manojb05 Newcomer

                  murphy my problem is not a masking.

                  I want to play my movie clip run one by one


                  1) I am created a stem movie clip

                  2) Created leaf movie clip

                  3) Swiral movie clip all movie clip i am incorporated a stop()  action because not repeat

                  When my stem masking complted, i want to play next my leaf movie clip, then swirel movie clip

                  how can i do this?

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                    Ned Murphy Legend

                    Just build you animjations along the main timeline instead of in movieclips.  That way you can place them one after another.