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    Where is the HDV export to tape temp file?


      I'm having a lot of trouble exporting an HDV timeline to tape from Premiere Pro CS3.2. It seems to render fine, but then when I try to record it, I get a "check HDV/DV connection" error on the camera. I'd like to get the m2t file it rendered onto another computer I have so that's much more powerful and can more quickly transcode it to H.264 using Media Encoder CS6. Is this file still on my computer somewhere for me to find?



      --Footage originally shot on a Canon XH-A1s at HDV 24F; captured from camera using HDV split.

      --Edited in PPro CS3.2 in an HDV 24p timeline. (PPro treated the source clips as native.) Finished film is 14 minutes long.

      --Trying to output back to same camera.

      --Computer is slowish but works fine: Dell Optiplex 720, 3.33GHz Core2 Duo, 3G RAM


      I suspect the problem has to do with trying to export a 24p timeline to a device that is technically 24F.


      I tried exporting an uncompressed 1920x1080 WMV file yesterday, but after over four hours of rendering time, the resulting file has some very weird artifacts in it. I can get a "perfect" archive copy later, but right now I'm under a time crunch to get the film in three versions: BluRay, SD DVD, HD H.264 file. Right now I'm rendering out the H.264 file, but it's taking a very long time. Considering how slow this computer is to render, I'm hoping to get that HDV export-to-tape render file onto the newer computer for faster transcoding.