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    signing in

    Judith Epstein-Fisher

      I am hoping that the series of questions I just answers now has given me a way to sign in to get the free trial download of Photoshop elements.  If I need to do more, please let me know.



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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Not sure Judith Epstein-Fischer as I do not know where you answered these questions.  You do need to have an Adobe ID in order to download the trial.  Is that the process you were completing was signing up for an Adobe ID?

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            Judith Epstein-Fisher Community Member

            I now have an ID and it seems like everything downloaded, but when I click

            on the Elements icon, only file names pop up.  Have a left off a step in the

            download or something?  I don¹t seem to be able to click on anything and

            actually get to the program so I can start using it.  Any advice?

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              You will need to install the software after you have downloaded it.  Did you run through an installation process?  Which operating system are you using?  Have you looked in the typical location for your OS to see if Photoshop Elements is installed?