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    Flash Design Review

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      I have designed hanging flash menu for my web design web site


      Hope this is compatible with all web browers


      Please give your comment on this unique flash design



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          Nancy O. ACP/MVP

          It's cute but Flash for navigation is pure poison because many browsers don't support it.  Most notably Apple iPad, iPhone & iTouch do not support Flash.  How will those users navigate your site?


          For all practical purposes, Flash is dead as a web technology except for gaming sites and special device apps.


          I think a better choice is CSS styled menus to support the majority of users.  If you want to add some animation  to your site, look at HTML5, CSS3 transitions and JavaScript


          See Adobe Edge




          Nancy O.

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            HI Nancy


            thank you very much for your comment. well i didn't check Apple since in sri lanka Apple is used by 5% of internet consumers.


            I completely agree with your comment . my intention was to build a site different from other designers





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              Nancy O. ACP/MVP

              I'm all for being different.   In fact, I like your idea a lot!  Just not for navigation.


              Nancy O.

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                HI Nancy


                THank you very much for your advice. what do you sugest me to do to improve the nevigation


                best regards



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                  CaramelMacchiato Community Member

                  I have to agree with Nancy with her persective.


                  It *IS* very wise for you to aim for "responsive web design" as it is more reasonable, feasible - as it is increasing better ROI for clients and more pleasant experience for web browsing experience for consumers (including virtually all kinds of platforms: smart phones, tablets and desktop).


                  Have a research and dig further on topic "responsive web design" concept through Google... and right here on Adobe as well.

                  Thus, you are encouraged to dig further on responsive web design. Just do it!


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                    MichaelKazlow ACP/MVPs

                    But not only Apple, most mobile devices don't support Flash. Think of it as preparing for the future.


                    Flash has a place. But as Nancy said, not navigation. You want everyone to be able to move through your site. In fact, for slow connections--not everyone has hi-speed access, Flash can slow things down.

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                      Thank you for all your comment