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    CS5 Manually Tracing

    WidmarkRob Newcomer

      I haven't quite mastered the pen tool yet, but… I'm coming along just fine.


      I have this raster image I would like to vectorize, I have just started tracing… I know I could probably just experiment with it and hit control-Z a bunch of times until I figured out, but… I thought I would ask anyway, maybe somebody could give me some tips about tracing with the pen tool.


      My Stroke is .25

      I haven't figured out how to change the color of my paths, that's why they are green.


      is it possible to select the highlighted anchor point on the right & create a path/stroke to the highlighted anchor point on the left?


      anchor points.jpg

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          Wade_Zimmerman Ninja

          The highlight for the path tool is related to the layer color and each layer comes with it own color.


          You can change the color of the layer double clicking a non active part of that layer in the layers panel.


          Like this


          Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 12.41.48 AM.png


          Double click the color square and you get a picker pick a color


          Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 12.41.57 AM.png


          Layers can have any color and so can sublayers and that would be the only waay to control the color

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            WidmarkRob Newcomer

            Good Stuff, good to know…


            Thank you

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              Jacob Bugge Legend



              A few of the things that might be worth knowing/realizing:


              1) It is best to use the smallest possible number of Anchor Point, placed where they have the greatest effect on the shape, to get the smoothest and cleanest paths; in this connexion it is important to think ahead to enable the right continuation.


              2) You may avoid some try and fail, then Undo, when you ClickDrag a new Anchor Point with Handles, by pressing the Spacebar which allows you to move the Anchor Point about while the Handles are freezed.


              Others may add other suggestions.