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    Hierarchical Table?

    DanCondonJones Level 1



      I need to create a table in LiveCycle which has a hierachical structure, so we have multiple Category items each containing a number of Groups each containing a number of Items.


      I have tried a few different approaches, each of which with it's own pitfalls:

      1. I tried creating a table where each row was bound to the Category level in my data and the cells were actually subforms.  Then I put a hierarchical repeating subform structure inside these subforms.

        This worked well until I got to a page where the Items level had so many entries that it needed to stretch across multiple pages.  As far as I can tell there is no way to allow a single row of a table to break across pages.
      2. I tried using the table groups to represent the structure.

        Unfortunately the groups themselves don't have a binding so I wound up with all of the Categories followed by all of the groups followd by all of the Items.
      3. I tried simulating a table using subforms in a hierarchical structure.

        The problem with this is I can't find any way to make the header row repeat at the top of pages that it overflows onto.


      If anyone can think of a solution to any of the above approaches or a new approach I haven't thought of I'd be very grateful.