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    license activation reverting to trial & -1 days remaining

    zarrdave Level 2

      OK, I'm aware of an issue discussed in http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/trial--1-launch.html


      This involves a fully registerred version of a Cloud licensed CS6 app reverting to trial mode, usually with a -1 days (I've had +22000 days shown one time!) but basically it gives a days remaining figure even after registerring.


      I believe from reading other forum posts (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4508772#4508772), that its something to do with opening a CS5 application which overwrites CS6 registration files, so triggering a re-registration each time. Adobes response is that they're aware of it and to resolve it, stop using CS5 versions, stick with cs6.


      OK, well, some might find that acceptable, I for one cant do that. I use Extensis web font plugin that comes as part of Font Fusion 4. It installs a plugin which accesses Googles web fonts and allows designers like myself to use live web fonts in their design mockups rather than having to download and install each one each time. It accesses the live list of fonts, and shows them automatically. Unfortunately Extensis cant make a CS6 version of their plugin as they blame Adobe for "issues they need to fix with fonts" before they can roll it out.


      So, I need to use Cs5 for Extensis font plugin (they blame Adobbe), yet want use Cs6 for advanced features (they understandably dont seem to care about fixes for Extensis software). I cant use either as one or the other causes headaches!


      Anyone else getting the trial issue problem and cant just ditch Photoshop CS5 fully like Adobe recommend?


      Anyone else use Extensis Web font pluging and have to use CS5 and CS6 and experiencing the same problem?


      When might Adobe fix the trial issues so I can keep and switch between PS CS6 and CS 6?


      Either that or can Adobe fix whatever "issues" are stopping Extensis from releasing the CS6 version of their plugin, and problem then solved for me?