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    settings for h.264 codek


      good day. Can You help me with streaming for ios. when we use h.264 codek  video live streamig does not work - flash player show black screen, but  when we use vp6 codek it works good. we have only mp3 audio codek, do we need in aac audio codek for correct streaming with h.264 codek?? what  setting must we select for correct live video streaming in h.264 on ios devices??

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          Apurva Udaykumar Level 3



          Can you tell me how you are publishing the stream? Are you using FMLE?

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            shmelfrol Level 1

            yes of course, we use live encoder, and when we use vp6 video format in this programm  it works good (version 3.3 settings: Video: format vp6, frame rate 15, input size 320*240; Audio mp3, stereo, birate 48;



            fms url:



            but when we use video format  h.264   flash player show black screen ( video settings : format video h.264 profile main level 3.1 freqency 4 sek; Audio mp3 codec (aac codek do not have - do we need in aac codec for correct publishing stream for ios systems? ) fms url: rtmp://server/livepkgr Stream: what adress must we use here? we use next url stream: livestream%i?adbe-live-event=liveevent



            we create.f4m and .m3u8 files by ..\Adobe\Flash Media Server 4.5\tools\f4mconfig\configurator\f4mconfig.html



            help please what settings are wrong?



            i`m sorry for my english...