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    Why does the woman want to hurt your lover man

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      My heart was ice

      Winter away in my heart the only warmth, around the fire, even if the furnace flame to heat, can warm my heart is cold, my heart still so warm? This issue has been troubled with soft inside me!


      The winds of winter thoroughly invaded my brain, I in the cold wind and the last piece of snow dance, heart cooling as the Antarctic ice, even in the warm sun also cannot be melted, I think I just finished, with the last trace of not reconciled, and the feelings of five years is really not an outsider? Never believe the third, but he still comes to my feelings of the world, I let you in distress of emotional entanglements!


      He has not remember how many nights at the moment we used to think of dribs and drabs, how many times will woke up in the dream, I do not know how many times tears wet his pillow, follow like a shadow figure is always in my mind, every once. I would ( http://www.liqunqipai.net ) taking the last trace of not willing to leave silently, really want me on the day of prayer, let my beloved people reach old age together with others? I really can not be reconciled, the feelings of five years in exchange for it is a person's loneliness, when my mobile phone on the ground a bitter cry for help, my heart is as calm as water, even a stone thrown, but how also couldn't any waves!


      Watch the way you walk at my side, my be torn with grief, I choked back his tears to flow out, your laughter wind touched my heart at the end of a string, my heart really hurts, my dear, it's the last time I call you? Do you really want to do one last explanation? Are you really willing to give up the feelings of five years? It's really a second time is worth?


      The person or thing, you are inescapable, that day, waiting for so long, maybe this winter is a sad season, perhaps, this winter is a parting of the season, my dear, please allow me to call you again! That day, I lost you, forever lost, any corner of the world can not find traces of you, you have to leave your closest people, I still want to weary footsteps and emotional battlefield saying goodbye! Perhaps, should say goodbye to you!


      Dear, I go, I really have to go, in the winter when the season, maybe I should not appear in that day, that I may never see your that scene, perhaps five years ago, I shouldn't see you, know, love, perhaps I would not to see you look.


      Are we five years love life is a blank sheet of paper? You and I is that so? The meet is in a sad winter, while still in the sad winter farewell, dear, my love for you is so pure, so sincere, is all this just so cannot withstand a single blow? Roses will fade, life cycle, all the passion will burn into ashes, the memory will be the winter chills to the fight, but I on your mind about is always the same, age become old, computer will crash, all exchange solemn vows and pledges will disappear like smoke, but my love for you the fire of love is never extinguished. Hard disk will be saturated, the memory will be exhausted, but my love for you is always so.


      Through the former basketball, watching the remnants of the sunset, harsh winter away so the life, leaving only the strong-willed grass, how can that? Why not have a look the best, the yellow appearance, reminds me of myself. The park still has a Dadanaonao lovers, I watched them the pain be torn with grief, sorry, I just leave away, take away all the sadness, all the tears away, take away all the memories; I left my blessings to you, leaving me to your promise.


      Let my heart into a butterfly, let it for our love to dance the last dance, in the cold season, the cold wind is pushing me down, let me step by step to the end of life. In my heart of hearts I sincerely bless you, hope you can find a better boy thousands of times, let him give you a broader arms, giving you more intimate care, give you the most beautiful love. Goodbye, my dear girl, far away, but is nearly before, my keyboard does not appear to pass my hands will ring up my computer, there seems to be no power on the rapid up and running, my screen appears without my thinking I love you recorded. In fact, computer and computer distance is not far away, but you and I separated by a distance like the Milky way, seems to never see you.


      If Liang Shanbo and the British units do not have love, if Vega and Altair have not met, between you and me is not the meet in this life, for thousands of years to your exchange solemn vows and pledges but for today's pass, follow the love of my life, but eventually changed please treasure your loved girl. I am tired, not physically tired, but the heart, really tired, right away, I do not want to let you see, my heart in front of you completely broken, my whole person seems to like a lost soul, mind.


      Dream fly, fly my love, I hide in the corner, his hands clinging to his legs, he read to me very well, do not know why tears always permanent than the left, even I don't know why I am crying, perhaps because we love story feel my heart, my gradually quiet down, because I went into my dreams, in dreams I see a beautiful girl, her smile so bright, laugh so happy, I want to take her in my arms, but, when I took a step closer, she is more far away from me, I will this has been followed in her, until she disappeared in the horizon, I'll be there for.