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    swf for Mac and PC

    Grispel Newcomer

      Hi im trying to do a comercial presentation for my company, so I used Catalyst (Mac platform) , but I realized that the most of my clients use a PC. There's a way to run this for both platforms? Thanks!

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          Chris W. Griffith Champion

          Your presentation will be a swf file. That is viewable on both Macs and PCs in a browser. If publish as an AIR application, that runtime also works on a PC. You will need to have that installed on the computer. It is free.


          Hope this helps and the presentation goes well.

          Chris Griffith

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            Grispel Newcomer

            Thanks Chris, I solved that problem, but I have a new one I was about to publish to SWF/AIR and it pop a  window telling me something about a code error. I went to the code panel to find what the problem was but... I don't understand, it says: 1120: Access of undefined property graphic41. resource: Main.mxml Path: Project/src, Type: Flex problem. I assumed "Graphic41" most be in my library but there isn´t. What can it be??  I finished my presentation so I reeeally need your help.


            Thanks again.

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              Grispel Newcomer

              Hi again, somehow I solved the code errors, not in the best way because I had to delete transitions, anyway it worked. A new problem!!! I run the presentation on a PC and a button typography changed, so back to Catalyst I decided to edit the button in Illustrator, it shows the up, over, down disabled layers, the problem is that the graphics contained in the up layers seemed to be visible but the graphic isn´t appearing I made same changes to other buttons and it worked, I don´t understand what´s causing the problem on this specific button. Im about to start all over again! I will apreciate your help.



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                Chris W. Griffith Champion

                I would delete that button and rebuild it.