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    Image showed shorter




      Suddenly Images showed much shorter than from Camera.

      With Canon 50d , took some garments and it looks fine from camera.

      But when I see from Bridge and Photoshop, images look shorter.


      thanks for reading n advice PLEAE

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          Not a clue as to what you are talking about.  


          Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers: 






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            Mylenium MVP

            As station_two said, we need more info what you mean by "shorter". Screenshots help a lot (use the camera icon to attach) and soem info about your computer and what version of PS you use wouldn't hurt, either.



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              wefollow Community Member

              thank you n all the files are at work.

              I will post screenshots on Monday.


              thanks for your time

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                wefollow Community Member



                On left side picture is original and Right side picture I used Transform tool to stretched.

                Never happened before.

                I will take more pictures of this samples and see if it does happen again..


                Canon 50d and WindowXp Pro.


                Thanks for reading and advice PLEASE

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                  Noel Carboni Community Member

                  Could you please try to use proper English and more words to more thoroughly describe what you think is wrong?  I ask because it's not obvious from what you've written or shown in the images.


                  I think I interpret your comments to mean that you used Transform to make the image narrower and the mannequin seem thinner.


                  Is the issue that you're seeing more of the top of the neck than you thought you should see?  If so, you need to provide more info about just how you're doing the operations you're doing.


                  As a wild guess, maybe you're cropping the image but not deleting pixels beyond the visible edges of the canvas, then you're seeing those pixels again when you do certain operations.  But that's a pretty big stretch without knowing more details about how you're doing your resizing.



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                    charles badland Community Member

                    Suddenly Images showed much shorter than from Camera.

                    Just a shot in the dark here...

                    Try going View>Pixel Aspect Ratio>Square.

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                      wefollow Community Member



                      I stretched the picture( right side) so you could compare with left side of picture.

                      On camera it looks like on the right side picture but from Photshop showed left side picture.


                      You mentioned only, top of the neck,  is that all you could see the different from these two pictures???



                      thank you your time

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                        wefollow Community Member

                        Showed same setting on Photoshop.


                        View>Pixel Aspect Ratio>Square.


                        thank you for your time