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    where do you lookup debug assertions


      I've been getting debug assertions that dont make sense or seem irrelevant to my plugin.  I'd like to fix them, but I can't find any resources that provide more than the cryptic message.  Is there any place where these can be looked up?


      If my plugin source code was in the call stack, I'd at least have some clue as to why, but these assertions happen within InDesign.


      Debug assertions that don't make sense:

      CT bad param: code page does not have predef translator

      Ours and AGM's X values do not match

      Ours and AGM's Y values do not match

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          Dirk Becker Level 4

          CT often refers to CoolType, Adobe's basic font technology that usually hides behind wrappers but can be found with some "ct_" opaque structures.

          AGM (Adobe Graphics Manager) is the engine for primitive drawing operations following the PDF/Postscript drawing model.


          There is no comprehensive official documentation for assertions that I know of. Some years ago we had an inofficial wiki on the private web site of Mark Niemann Ross, but when he left Adobe he also pulled the plug on that wiki. It was anyway only half-heartedly maintained by too few volunteers.

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            walterw.powerhouse Level 1

            That info is useful, but unfortunately doesn't give me enough info to understand the cause or to have a clue of how to fix them.


            Thanks anyway