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    Links won't refresh.


      I don't know what the problem is but my links won't refresh.  I'm working on a website, when I preview it in Firefox, I click on a link to test it, the link color changes to show that I've visted the page, then I close the window to the entire site.  I preview the same page later, but even though I'm going back for a second visit and starting from scratch, the links that I had visted before are not refreshed, it's still the visted link color as though I never left the site.  I've uploaded the file and am still having the same problems.  Here's the url:  www.iewaterkeeper.org



      The supervisor that I'm interning for doesn't seem to have the same problem.  I just reinstalled my operating system just in case it was a virus but it is still happening.  I'm still making changes to the homepage but this time, not only do the links not work properly, I can't seem to get the same background color from Photoshop to Dreamweaver.  For example, the background color for one div box may have been created in Photoshop, then for another div box I just fill the background color with Dreamweaver using the same color code #f4f3f3, but the page looks patchy as though they're two different colors.  The servers down so I can't upload this yet but I only tell you this to give you more information about what's happening.  Does anyone know why my link colors won't refresh?