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    Support for Sony RX100 .ARW files

    alflaw3 Level 1

      I've just purchased a Sony RX100 camera.  It captures RAW files in a format that ends in .ARW.  Neither Lightroon nor Photoshop recognize that format.  Is there any way short of converting .ARW to JPG that I can overcome this?


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          dj_paige Level 10

          Convert to TIF?


          Wait for next release of LR?

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            Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            The Sony RX100 isn't currently supported by Lightroom or Camera Raw. So, at the moment you'll need to use Sony's designated raw editor.


            If usual release timetable is followed then I wouldn't expect to see an Lr update before September.

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              I have the same problem. I started taking RAW+JPG with the RX100 thinking that LR4 would read the jpgs, but it wouldn't. I had to separate the jpgs into a new folder to get LR4 to read them. And my computer (Windows 7) shows the format of the RAW files as "Free Opener" files. I see that Free Opener is a program that reads all manner of files but I haven't installed it on my computer so I wondered why the .ARW files are listed as Free Opener. I hope it isn't corrupting them in any way (Anyone know?). My idea now is to take RAW+JPG, separate the two formats and just add to catalog the jpgs. Then, when the raw converter for these is released I will go back and import the RAW files. It is a pain being an early adopter sometimes!

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Do you have LR set to treat RAWs and JPGs as separate files?  The default is to hide the JPG, and perhaps this even happens when the RAW companion file isn’t from a supported camera, yet.

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                  DerekWRBC Level 1

                  I didn't have raw and jpgs set to be treated separately, but I have now tried it (with raw and jpegs treated as separate file checked in preferences). Now if you do an add to catalog, the jpgs are imported and you get blank 'no preview available" for the raws; if you do a convert to DNG and add it doesn't import anything. So to create a new set on a different drive, (which is what I am doing for backup reasons) I will still have to separate the two file types.

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Convert to DNG only operates on raw files and if the raw files are not supported by LR then it cannot convert them to DNGs, either. 


                    There are other ways to make a copy of your photos while waiting for LR to support the RX100 raw format.

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                      Brett N Adobe Employee

                      Support for the Sony RX100 was added in Lightroom 4.2 or Camera Raw 7.2.


                      See: Will Lightroom work with my camera?

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                        Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                        May be if you had checked the dates on the reply posts you would have noticed that the question was originally asked before Lr 4.2 or Camera Raw 7.2 was realeasd. Therefore, the answer I gave on 15 July was correct. Likewise, those who followed on from my answer. I have no idea why the date on the first post has changed to 17 September, but that doesn't alter the facts that we provided the correct answer at the time.

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                          sjprg Level 1

                          I just installed LR4.3 as a trial. It will NOT import RX100 .ARW files. I also installed the LR4.4 RC; Same problem.

                          ACR 7.3 in PSCS6 works fine with RX100.


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                            Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Paul, are you importing direct from the camera, or via a card reader?  And what operating system?  I have the same camera, so it's definitely getting tested!

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                              sjprg Level 1

                              Windows 7 64 Bit, 16Gb ram, I7-3770K, Intel 520SSD, Seagate Momentous XT 750 Hybrid.

                              The ARWs are being imported from a folder. The structure is setup as an Master image folder with yearly subfolders and then daily subfolders. 28000 folders and files are imported containing CRW, NEF, MRW, ARW. All files import EXCEPT .ARW files. All folders containing ARW files are skipped. ARWs show in Bridge and open in PSCS6 properly.

                              DXO imports properly as does PhaseOne 7.1.

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                                DerekWRBC Level 1

                                This doesn't really help I supoose, but since I installed the version of LR that supports Sony .ARW I have not had any problem importing them into LR and converting them to DNG. I am using a Windows 7 system. Why mine would work and yours not is a mystery to me.

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                                  Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  "Skipped"?  Are they accessible and checked in the import dialog?  And does it give an error message?

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                                    sjprg Level 1

                                    They are checked, but greyed out. The folders themselfs do not show up in the folders listing

                                    The video card is an Nvidia 2000D with the OpenCL active.

                                    My guess from my programming days, is that the folder creation routine does not see the ARWs and thinks the folder is empty and does not create it.

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                                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      Are you doing an Add import or a Copy import? 


                                      Are you really importing 28,000 photos at once or just one or two folders at once and it still doesn’t work?


                                      When you say gray do you mean a completely gray thumbnail or just a dimmer version of the thumbnail image?  Perhaps there are not LR-readable thumbnails in the files so it is showing them as gray, or perhaps there is some video card problem with showing 28,000 thumbnails or perhaps if you waited long enough the thumbnails would show up.  If there is a checkmark next to the thumbnail it should be at least attempted to be imported even if there isn’t a thumbnail.


                                      What happens if you put a single raw file from another camera (like an NEF or CRW) in one of these folders that holds only ARWs, is that one non ARW seen, and/or are the ARWs seen?  It would be useful to understand if it is the ARW files that are the problem or if there is just a problem with the newest set of files, which might happen to be ARW files.


                                      What happens if you drag-and-drop a single-folder of ARWs to the central area in Library, do they import, then?


                                      Another issue could be that if you tried to import the ARWs in a previous version of LR that didn’t support them, perhaps LR’s caching of the thumbnails still thinks they aren’t supported, and purging the thumbnail cache would make them show up.  I should say that I’m not sure LR’s thumbnail cache comes into play during Import like it does after Import, but if it does this could be an issue.


                                      As an experiment, I put one RX100 ARW file I downloaded from DPREVIEW into my My Pictures folder which has all sorts of other files, mostly JPGs, and LR 4.4 RC showed it along with many other files as an import candidate when I asked LR to Import from My Pictures.  


                                      This is the file I downloaded:




                                      which came from this review page: 



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                                        sjprg Level 1


                                        Found that the folders that were skipped had a couple of duplicate files in them. After the dupes were removed the folders were created and the files imported normally.

                                        Thanks for the responses.

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                                          Ok - I was able to get the Photoshop and all the CS products to see and edit the ARW raw files , however Lightroom 4.4 still does not pick the up nor does Media encoder CS6    as of 9/5/14. If I am wrong about this I would sure like to know the answer.

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                                            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            You are replying to a thread that is 2 years old.  What exact RX100 model do you have?   While the oldest RX100 requires LR 4.2, the newer Mark II and III require a version of LR 5.x, which is up to LR 5.6 by now.  Here is the list of what works with what: