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    Highest quality Blu-ray disc encoding question ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I did a bit of searching on old posts, but still wasn't clear on the answer.  My source footage is 1280x720, 59.94p and came from a Contour+ helmet camera where the files are stored in a .mov file with H.264 encoding.   My video is only 9 minutes long.   What is the best method to produce the highest quality single layer BD out of PP and Encore in this case?


      One response I can envision is that isn't going to matter in this case given the camera/source.  Otherwise, would one be better off using Adobe Dynamic Link and letting Encore choose the settings or selecting the format/preset and tweaking the video settings in PP and importing the resultant files into Encore?


      If PP, I have seen some posts saying MPEG2 Blu-ray will produce a better result if the bit rate is cranked up high.  But then others imply H.264 will likely come out better.   I also noticed that the H.264 video settings allow increasing the bit rate there as well. 


      I will have a question on video settings depending on the answer above.