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    Learning the Craft


      I have many specific questions, but wanted to ask a general one first. I am using Creative Cloud CS6 on a brand new iMac 27. I bought the iMac 10 days ago. My first one. So Windows to Mac migration issues on top of everything else multiply the challenge. I have a fairly simple project, but being brand new to Adobe, it has been a wicked learning curve.


      My project involves having someone build me a 3D virtual scene (done), shoot digital video of a speaker at a podium in front of the green screen. Key out the green background, place the speaker in the scene, render, and post online on the web site.


      The video is being shot with a Sony HDR-XR260V, which is an ACVDH format, which doesn't play very nice with either PPro or AE. I have had audio issues with both due to the MTS format.


      I pulled a basic key in PPro, but too much reflected green light or spill made it unusable after the key was done and fast color correction was applied. So I checked out Keylight 1.2 on AE, and it seemed like the solution.


      But after many hours of playing with both PPro and AE.. and watching hours and hours of tutorials on CreativeCow, lynda.com, and Youtube... I am still pretty much stuck.


      I have done a LOT of Googling for resources, but most are very repetitive to each other, and very few explain NLE along with the features of the tool in question.


      It would be VERY helpful to newbies travelling the learning curve to have a "dictionary" of sorts that explains terms and functionality. For example... if using PPro and AE you work with projects, sequences, compositions, clips, layers, etc.


      It would be so helpful to be able to look at dictionary that describes with written words what these things are, what they aren't, what they do, and what they don't do. It is pretty challenging keeping everything straight when trying to work with these apps.


      Video tutorials are helpful, but looking at a dictionary while you work with these apps, to be able to consult it when stuck or confused, would be very helpful. Does omething like that exist. I realize these are very sophisticated tools, that people take years to master, but it just seems like I have put in enough time where I should be able to do basic things.


      I can handle complicated stuff for the most part (I am a tax practitioner in real life)... but I am still baffled with the PPro and AE. Can anybody point me to a place where some of the basics of PPro and AE are expolained... and not just demonstrated in a screen capture tutorial?