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    Illustrator CS6 - keyboard increments (pixels)no smaller than .01?


      Units: pixels - Is there really no way to get keyboard increments smaller than .01 for the ultra-fine nudging? In previous versions (at least to CS4 tmk, allowed for increments up to 4 or 5 decimal points. Granted, I don't use below .001 that much, but I definitely use that quite a bit.


      Anyone have any ray of sunshine on this one? It's driving me a litle crazy.


      Thank in advance,



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          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you jumped from CS4 to CS6 then Align to Pixel Grid is probably the problem, turn it Off and see if it works.


          I'm on CS5 and the smallest increment I'm allowed to set is 0.0001 px


          use this small script to see if anything is happening after nudging


          select something before running

          var idoc = app.activeDocument;
          var sel = idoc.selection[0];
          alert("selection X : " + sel.left + " points\rselection Y : " + sel.top + " points");