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    Expired trial prevents me to access previously installed Adobe Products


      Hi all,


      I installed the Creative Suite 5.5 and Acrobat Reader.

      Then I wanted to try Creative Cloud and installed it.

      Now 30 days has passed and my trial has expired. It should not have any impact on my previsouly installed adobe products but now I can't view any PDF as before opening Reader, it splashes the Expired trial. This should not behave this way.

      I tried to uninstall the Creative Could or the Application Manager but it cannot be done (Windows XP). Indeed, there is no entry for "Application Manager" or "Creative Cloud" in the Uninstall programs list under Windows Control Panel. And I surely don't want to uninstall my other Adobe products.


      So my question is simple: how do I remove Creative Cloud to restore my previous access to previously installed Adobe products like Acrobat Reader?

      Thanks in advance for your answer.