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    Form widget

    rliebrand Level 1

      I the new video about Adobe Muse there is an example of the form widget.
      But as an Adobe Creative Cloud member i dont have the latest version?


      I has not upgraded to the Muse version with forms...
      Want to test it with Adobe Business Catalyst (also partner)

      When is this widget available?



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          Corey@Adobe Employee Moderator

          Hi René,


          You had an unintended glimpse into one of the features we're working on for the Q3 release of Muse. A Beta preview of the Q3 release will be available in the next couple of weeks. We've taken the video down until then.


          If you wish to participate in the Muse Beta program, you can go to the "Help" menu in Muse, select "Help Improve Adobe Muse…" and check the "Join the Adobe Muse Beta Program" option (and please also check the "Join the Adobe Product Improvement Program" so we receive anonymous information about how you use the Beta and any errors you encounter). If you have this option checked, Muse will let you know at launch if a Beta update is available.


          Sorry for the confusion. There will be quite a few new features (and videos) available soon.


          Best regards,


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            topelovely Level 4

            I missed that!

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              topelovely Level 4

              I missed that!. Did anyone grab it before it was taken off? http://tv.adobe.com/watch/muse-feature-tour/new-builtin-support-for-contact-forms/ Men! the link returned no content. I wish someone has a copy of that just to see in action. It's been a while we see any added feature in Muse. I can't wait to see the next release. Just hoping Adobe fixes all the slideshow widget issues and rectangle tool issues that won't support fullscreen image height and width.

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                I didn't miss it and I'm exteremely displeased in the way you guys handled it. An unintended glimpse is not at all how it was positioned. I've spent the better part of two days installing, uninstalling, looking for the phantom feature.  I know this is a big project but I made a decision to go ahead and join Creative Cloud partly based on that video. I assumed the additional widgets were available. At any rate, I will sign up for the Beta but finding a good forms solution is a must if this is going to be worth any price. NOT HAPPY!

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                  topelovely Level 4

                  Do you have a download copy you can share via dropbox? Just want to see it that's all. Will be appreciated.

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                    edfirefilmz Level 1

                    I didn't personally download the video. I will check with a few people I provided the link to. Maybe one of them actually downloaded the video. It was up for two days at least.

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                      Hi Corey


                      Can you confirm whether the form widget will work with other hosting than Business Catalyst? I'm now at the stage in an important project where I need quite a large form made, and I was going to pay an HTML guy to do it and then embed the code using your Arbitrary HTML feature, so knowing if I can use this would be very helpful right about now. I realise you won't want to give much information out in advance before it's been tested, but hopefully you can at least answer this one.

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                        topelovely Level 4

                        Thanks Edfirefilmz. I will glad if you can get your hands on it. You can share it  with dropbox.

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                          Zak Williamson (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                          Rory_M, the form functionality coming in 2.0 it targeted primarily at contact forms. If you have "quite a large form" then you will likely still want/need to use a different solution.


                          The new form functionality uses standard HTML/CSS for the form, but form processing requires integration with server-side code. What will be part of Muse 2.0 works with Adobe Business Catalyst. In order to use the form with some other back-end server solution, the code output from Muse would have to be altered.

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                            Rory_M Level 2

                            Thanks for the clarification Zac, much appreciated. The Business Catalyst only integration is disappointing if unsurprising. We can't use BC due to a major part of our site featuring client uploaded large files (with progress bar), which I understand BC will not allow.


                            Hopefully once you have a built-in FTP client for non-BC hosting you can also inject formmail.pl into the host while the site gets uploaded. Is that on the roadmap?

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                              Corey@Adobe Employee Moderator

                              A new Forms widget that integrates with Business Catalyst is available in the current Muse beta. You can learn more about this feature in the Muse release notes: Muse Release Notes (August 1, 2012 beta)


                              ...and this AdobeTV tutorial on creating contact forms: New Built-in Support for Contact Forms


                              Here is more information on how to participate in the Muse beta program: Participating in the Muse beta program


                              Best regards,


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                                Nine_Design Level 3

                                Am I to understand that the forms built with the new widgit will ONLY work on a BC server site?


                                This is about as much use as Anne Franks drumkit to anyone outwith the US that needs local servers to boost SEO.


                                HUGELY dissapointing.