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    Help me with this problem please !

    he11f1re Level 1

      Hello everyone !

      I'm using Flash Builder 4.6 and recently I wanted to build something in flash. I have all versions of Flash(standalone, standalone debugger, plugins).

      When I try to compile my project it gets stuck at 57% and than displays an error saying that I should ensure for in-browser applications I'm using debugger version, and for network debugging on a mobile device, etc(I'm not using an external device).

      I can't debug/run my application from html file, neither as standalone swf. But interesting enough, when I open the swf file from bin-debug it actually displays exactly what I coded.


      Three days have passed while I'm trying to fix this problem. I tried every possible solution searching in internet and I had not luck at all.

      I hope someone can give me the right answer here.



      I need to clarify that I haven't been using flash for months (It worked before) and during this time I have set up an Apache server on my pc for php coding. I don't know if this is related.