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    Is there a way to get the font Microsoft Yahei Regular AND Bold working in Indesign?


      I have been using the Microsoft Yahei font (bold and regular) for alot of Chinese brochures and have had no trouble in Quark XPress. We have been converting everything we have to InDesign but I cannot get both weights of the font to work. If I remove the regular font from my mac, indesign will see recognise the bold font but it will not see both fonts at the same time. I have tried adding the fonts to the applications font folder but this does not help. The only solution I can think of is adding a 0.4 stroke to the regular font whenever I need the bold but this is not ideal. I have also tried looking for an alternative font to use but it appears that Microsoft Yahei is the best for chinese characters and english charcters and symbols such as the registerd mark and trademark symbol - but if anyone knows an alternative font that works and has a regular and bold weight please advise.