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    Script warning




      I've made a script that opens a panel at Illustrator startup.

      From that panel I can execute other jsx scripts by clicking on buttons, but there's a warning message that popups everytime I click a button...

      You are about to run a script in Adobe Illustrator CS5. You should only run scripts from trusted sources. Do you want to run the script?


      Is it possible to avoid that warning ??

      I've tried with

      app.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.DONTDISPLAYALERTS;

      but it doesn't work


      Thanks for your help

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          moluapple Level 4

          You are using File.execute() to run your scripts, right?

          The Toolkit treats the user's Documents/Adobe Scripts folder, however, as a trusted location; when you double-click a JSX file in that folder, the Toolkit does not display the security alert.

          ----From JavaScript Tools Guide

          So you need to put your scripts into Documents/Adobe Scripts folder to aviod that warning.


          But you can use other way to run script: $.evalFile(), maybe should along with BridgeTalk as you are using a "palette" type panel.

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            Seb_C_Bien12345 Level 1

            Damn, i tried to put them in "Adobe Illustrator CS5/Presets.localized/..." but not in "Documents/Adobe Scripts"...


            Thanks a lot