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    Download Assistant for Mac keeps failing with Error 109


      I used to download Adobe products just fine before the "Assistant" requirement.  I have the latest Adobe Air, and the latest Assistant.  It keeps giving error 109, and I have followed the troubleshooting document to remove the preference file, and cache folder.  My network connection is fine, as I am able to download other SW from other sites just fine.


      The only thing that may be left is that we use a proxy server, and maybe this download assistant is using a CDN to distribute the download?  We whitelist all the IT companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, etc, so that Updates can be applied without authenticating with the proxy, so maybe this utility is using a different URL other than Adobe.com?


      I'll have to do some packet sniffing on my end to see exactly what's happening, but it's a bit frustrating that this tool is supposed to make downloading easier, but I have now spent almost an hour on this, and now more time will be spent.


      Maybe offering the user an "old fashioned" download through your browser link for times like this?