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    ExternalInterface.call always returns undefined in IE8@Windows7

    4xyfenix Level 1



      I have simple function in javascript on the page:


      <script type="text/javascript">

      var sound_status   = true;

      function get_sound_status()


          //alert("sound_status = " + sound_status);

          console.info("index.html::get_sound_status() = %s", sound_status);


          return sound_status;




      I call it from ActionScript via ExternalInterface.call("get_sound_status") and it works perfectly everywhere except IE8@Windows7 (IE8@WinXP works fine).

      It always returns undefined UNTIL(!) 'Tools->Developer Tools' window is opened. It's enough to open and close it immediately.

      If uncomment alert() I see the message 'sound_status = true', but in AS I have undefined.

      The code embeding the swf is

      NOTE: ${stuff} is replaced with actual values while publishing:


      var params = {};

      params.quality = "high";

      params.bgcolor = "${bgcolor}";

      params.allowscriptaccess = "sameDomain";

      params.allowFullScreen = "true";

      params.wmode = "transparent";


      var attributes = {};

      attributes.id = "${application}";

      attributes.name = "${application}";

      attributes.align = "middle";




      "${swf}.swf", "flashContent",

      "${width}", "${height}",

      swfVersionStr, xiSwfUrlStr,

      flashvars, params, attributes);


      I looked into similar posts. Most of them advise check the existance of id attribute. It's here.


      Thanx in advance, any help is really appreciated.