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    Boot from Clone?

    lasvideo Community Member

      OK, heres another PC transplant question.


      I used a utility to create a bootable clone of Disk 1 (my C: drive).


      If and when I have problems with that drive, I want to boot for the clone I made which is on Disk 4, which was named my A: drive


      What is the procedure to access a screen when starting up the computer in order to choose which disk to boot off of? On OSX all I have to do is hold Option during boot up and my choices are displayed

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          Jeff Bellune CommunityMVP

          On Windows, it's the F8 key.



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            lasvideo Community Member

            Jeff are you saying if I hold down F8 after starting the computer I will eventually see the option screen for selecting which drive to boot from?

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              Jeff Bellune CommunityMVP

              It depends.  F8 will give you the start up options like Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, etc.  If you install Windows 7 on a new drive when another drive with Windows 7 already exists on the system, then I think you'll get the boot option automatically.  I did this on my system, except with 2 partitions on a single drive instead of 2 physical drives.  YMMV.  I've got one instance of Windows 7 as my production system, and one instance as my "sandbox".



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                lasvideo Community Member

                Thanks for the details. I will test it out.

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                  John T Smith CommunityMVP

                  I can't comment on having two Win7 installations and booting options, but I do have a dual-boot setup with WinXP (installed first, to a small partition on my boot drive) and Win7 installed to a partition that uses the rest of the drive


                  When I restart, I am presented with a screen that allows me to choose which Windows to boot into


                  For more information on dual booting (or multiboot? It's been awhile, so I don't remember Microsoft's actual term) search http://search.microsoft.com/search.aspx?mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US for instructions


                  EDIT - just went to the site, Microsoft calls it multiboot, so search for that

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                    JSS1138 Community Member

                    On Windows, it's the F8 key.


                    This is more of a motherboard issue than a Windows issue.  Usually you press the Delete key when powering up to get into the BIOS, which is where you change the boot device.


                    But the larger issue is calling that drive A:  I've never seen Windows work on anything other than the C: drive, so you may have issues when it's installed to the A: drive.


                    (That's one reason I feel a RAID 1 is the better option over a clone for this purpose.)

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                      ECBowen CommunityMVP

                      There are 2 standard ways to boot to the second drive. The first is changing the drive boot order either in the bios as mentioned above or selecting the boot option key that every board has on bootup. Normally the boot device option on bootup depending on the board is F8 through F12. Each board is different and will have a specific key for that. The second option that was mentioned above is the Windows boot manager option. You can edit the BCD to give you the option to select which Windows image you want to boot to. The Bcd however is not the easiest thing to edit so I suggest you look at a tool like Easy BCD. That utility makes it far easier to change the Boot Manager.




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                        lasvideo Community Member

                        Thanks Eric. I made a bootable clone to Disk 4. If / when I need it I will use the Function key approcah to access it. I ended up using EaseUs Todo Workstation. Software with a very strange name and a very easy to understand GUI. Very Mac like.