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    Disappearing Pantone swatches when using only percentages of the swatch


      Hi I've come across something what might be a bug in Illustrator CS6..


      Here's the thing.. I've made a design in Ai CS6 (with colorspace) and have used several Pantone swatches.

      From a few Pantone colors I have used only a percentage of the color, for example the design consists of: 75% of Pantone 485 C, 32% of Pantone 1345 C and 100% of Pantone 154 C.


      In the process of the design I have used several other Pantone colors which are not used in the final design, but they are still in the Swatch tab/list.

      So when you click on the triangle (upper right corner) > "Select All Unused..", the Pantone colors that are only used as percentages (Pantone 485 C & Pantone 1345 C in the example) are being selected as "Unused" ?!


      I have been using Ai CS4 before this version and in that version this wasn't a problem.

      I could you percentages of Pantone colors without the swatch being selected as "Unused".


      I really don't want to manual delete every unused swatch by dragging it into the trash bin.

      It would be such a time wasting handling.


      This is really inconvenient as I am working for a print and design company and need to save the Pantone colors that are used in the design, even if they are only a percentage of the Pantone swatch.


      Could someone please explain to me why or what the reason is that this is happening..

      Did I miss something?



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          When you created the tint of the Pantone color did you make that a swatch? Or did you just leave it as it was?


          If you did then they should remain, but if you just changed the tint but did not save it as a swatch then the pms color is not longer being used since it is a specific tint. At least that is how it seems to be working.


          I have to agree with you that you are still using the PMS color and it shoulld remain without the necessity of making a swatch, even if making a swatch of each tint is a good idea.


          I would say it is a bug and should be reported as such. You cn do that here:



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            R-G Level 1

            I've tried both before submitting the post here, but neither worked sadly..

            So as you suggested I have submitted a bug report on this matter.


            Thank you Wade for your input and information.


            Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              Actually the first time I tried it I thought making the tint as new swatches work but when I tried it again and selected unused swatches that part worked but when I deleted the selected swatches it deleted all the swatches except balck and white?


              This is a terrible bug. Actualy the whole color thing seems broken I do not know who tested this but it appears no one bothered to test it at all.


              I find if I now select a tint percentage of a spot color and then select another spot clolor for another object the swatch of the next spot color is set to the same tint value?


              I don't know how this got past anyone. But a point release has to be put up real quick.


              It is great that you pointed this out.


              I myself seldom use spot colors. I never would have seen it. I usually am pretty sure which color I want.


              I think a lot of people who use spot colors las you do will find impossible to use Illustrator CS 6 for this reason.

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                Hello! For everyone that even after doing all of the suggestions we could find online, I finally figured it out


                If you have FontExplorer Pro installed, then the plugins are the ones at fault. They released an update (that I still haven't been able to install since it gives me an error when doing so) but this are the listed bugs that were fixed:


                Plugin Version for Illustrator CS 5, 5.1 and CS6

                • Color swatches are now correctly displayed and no longer produce an empty window.
                • Fixed a problem which prevented linked files from being shown or placed in an Illustrator document.
                • Resolved an issue which sporadically caused Illustrator to crash during font activation Font activation did not occur when document names contained an umlaut character (Ä Ö Ü)


                Hope this sheds some light on this frustrating issue! I tweeted Linotype (@Linotype_com) so if anyone wants to follow them or myself @iKitty I'll be RT their answer or update when I am successful updating them.


                So in the meantime, just disable the plugins and everything should be ok.