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    Adobe DMS Problem


      I downloaded books from the local library using a kobo reader. I needed to reset the kobo reader and lost all books. I went to download them again and forget the id for the library dms and created a new account. Then I was unable to download the books as I had two id's. How do I delete one account.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          The way ADE works, it links the ebooks to the computer and to the ID you

          used when you downloaded them.  You cannot use the second ID and get at

          those ebooks downloaded with the first ID.


          You can deauthorize your computer under your second ID and then reauthorize

          it under your first ID, but if the ebooks had to be reloaded to your

          computer, this might not work.  If they're library ebooks, I'd wait until

          the loan period expired, delete the ebook from the ADE library using your

          computer's utility programs (since you can't use it anyway), and then check

          out the ebook with your new ID.  I know that process works.