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    Embedding extended XMP metadata into a PDF file




      I am preparing a thesis for submission into our library repository. They keep some additional information about the paper in a separate XML file which looks like: http://naca.central.cranfield.ac.uk/ethos-oai/2.0/uketd.xml


      The metadata can be then easily harvested by other libraries etc.


      Because the papers are downloadable and can freely circulate over the Internet I would like to also include the metadata into the PDF itself.


      I've managed to extend the PDFX (MiKTeX) package such that it writes custom metadata in addition to the default fields (Author, Title, Subject, Keywords) into the PDF.


      The problem is that the library metadata (see above) makes use of XSI schema which is apparently not compatible with RDF format of XMP.


      Is there a way to get such rich metadata sets into a PDF file in a portable and accessible (thinking about search engines) way or should I stick with plain Simple Dublin Core?


      Thanks for recommendations.