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    Huge AVCHD multicam project for Premiere: quick turnaround, best workflow, tips welcome

    Internet Jones

      Hey all,


      I've been primarily an FCP user who is now setting up a PC-based CS6 operation (sound familiar?).

      I've used CS5 here and there for really quick native h264 mov or AVCHD projects (2-min shorts).


      HOWEVER! Now comes the test. Here is what I am looking to do:


      Shoot an 8-day multicam music festival (3xAF100). About 6 hours of footage per night (2hr per cam). I aim to deliver after 14 days.


      Each finished video (~24 of them) will be between 30 and 40 minutes, comprised of those three AVCHD clips.


      I guess the big question is: If I have a capable, dedicated PC (no matrox or anything), will I be able to multicam AVCHD clips of this size without the PC/Premiere exploding? It's all going to be 720p30 (thankfully), headed for broadcast, so that's something. This is not something I would want to be transcoding, then re-compressing as h264 for delivery. Working natively is the reason I've switched over after all.


      I've read a couple of comments on boards here and there with complaints about either video or audio of AVCHD clips continuing to 'conform' after import for long periods of time.


      Alternately I was going to go DCVPROHD with 2xHPX170 and 1xHVX200 because it feels like a much safer bet... but this event will be shot in a dark bar with OK lighting and I can get a much nicer image with the AF100s w/nikon glass. PLUS, getting over 2 hours of record time on P2 per camera may be more than I can source.


      Thanks for any help, advice in this matter!