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    paste text attributes


      Hey there,

          So I have a text woe here.  I have imported a project from FCP7 to premiere to continue updating an old project.  It's pretty simple so it came in ok, which is great. 

         the titles didn't keep formatting which I expected and I'm adjusting them now but it's a messy process.  First I can't find where it put any of the text "files" themselves.  Normally when I create a new text element in Ppro it creates a text file in my project panel and I can go back to that.

         In these imported sequences the text files are all there (in the timeline) but I don't see them as files in my project panel anywhere, so I have to open them directly from the sequence every time, are they in there somewhere?  They have to exist somewhere if I've been able to open and edit them, but in the project they're no where to be found.


      The other (bigger issue) is that there are LOTS of subtitles of translated speech (lower thirds text in FCP).  They moved a little and I need to move them back.  I know how to edit each one and I even understand how to "create new title based on current" which works fine.

         But I already have a zillion subtitles made in the timeline with the text in them, so it seems like I need to "create a new title based on current", paste in each text bit and replace them one by one.  Isn't there a way (like in FCP) to copy the TEXT properties and apply it to all the other text files I choose in my timeline?  It works for other clip properties (copy, then paste attributes) but on the text files it doesn't do anything.  I use this method a lot for adjusting ALL the subtitles in my documentary films quickly if they need to move a little.  I can't believe that there is no way to copy text properties to many clips at once.  Anyone that can help here?  

      thanks for any advice.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          If you right click on a title in the Sequence, you can choose Reveal in Project to have it open up in the bin.


          You can also create a custom title set with all available title properties (you see these 'presets' under the title frame in the Titler), but you will still have to change the titles one at a time.  There is no group method on this one.

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            josephs51576386 Level 3

            If you're dealing with a ton of individual titles you could nest all the titles together and then move them, however that will only work if they  need to be moved about the same amount as each other.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If you cannot find the Titles, per Jim's suggested location in Reply #1, it could be due how FCP7 handles Titles. Maybe a FCP user can comment on this?


              In PrPro, the details of Titles are within the PRPROJ file, and are not separate Assets, unless one has Saved a Title as a Template, and then there will be PRTL file, which can then be used/reused in multiple Projects. Going back in Premiere history, Titles were discrete files, but not for many versions.


              Other than using Title Based On, and perhaps a custom Style, I cannot think of any way to speed up the process of fixing those existing Titles, as Jim suggests.


              Hope that you DO find the Bin, where the Titles are linked, and good luck,



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                renatus1234565 Level 1

                thanks for the tips, folks.

                   I guess I'll have to make a template and just paste them all in there or something.  Sure seems archaic that there isn't someway to copy atributes to as many clips as you want.  I love everything else in Premiere but this is a pretty big dissapointment.  I do pretty long documentary projects and I just assumed I'd be able to change text elements in large groups if a client wanted something different with subtitles.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to workaround.  Thanks again, folks, please let me know if you think of any other good workflow for this.