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    Remove blank gap between multiple page print so it prints continuously


      I am trying to print 3 multiple pages (that originally joined together) to fit on 1 sheet (in page scaling print dialog box) with no gap between the pages, but I cannot remove the gap.


      I am using Acrobat 9 Standard, and trying to recreate a single page pdf file (so I know the problem is occuring in acrobat and not the printer)


      This was originally a banner that was tiled so it could be printed on a standard a4 printer, but I have a continuous roll printer and do not wish to manually cut the blank gap out between the pages which in the continuous view on the screen show no gaps or white area around the image. ie. the image goes right to the edge of the page.


      Please help me remove the blank gap as my next print job is tiled into 39 pages


      Thanks for your help in anticipation