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    CS4 Web Standard Install Error?



      Trying to install CS4 Web Standard from the disk on a Windows 7 32 bit system. I ran setup and it immediately started "Checking System Profile" but froze toward the end of the Initialization, after confirming that it was not going to finish out I canceled and closed the window. I started over and it did the same thing. The program shows in Programs and Features like it was installed but is not in Program Files.  I tried to uninstall through Programs and Features and I get an error that "Adobe has stopped working"! So I can't install it or uninstall what appears to be installed. There is nothing in Program files, there are registry entry's and files within the Common Files Folder but nothing that points to any .exe and the uninstall folder is empty. Has anyone run into this issue? I have snapshots but see no way to attach a word doc...I can email if needed.