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    print specific pages ?


      I have a 60 or so page document, (various forms, packets, etc


      Is it posible to add a check box to print specific pages?

      For example, add a checkbox to a packet "a"

      add a checkbox to packet "c", and only print  "a and c" ?


      BTW I'm using acrobat x pro


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          George_Johnson CommunityModerator

          You can use JavaScript to print a range of pages, but to print two different ranges, you'd have to use two separate print statements. Here's a link to the documentation: http://livedocs.adobe.com/acrobat_sdk/9.1/Acrobat9_1_HTMLHelp/JS_API_AcroJS.88.511.html


          Keep in mind that the page numbers are zero bsed, so that the first page is 0, and the tenth is 9, etc.


          Your script can check to see which check boxes are selected and issue a print statement for the corresponding range of pages. You can create a button, perhaps labeled "Print pages", and include the script in the Mouse Up event of the button.

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            xxer0 Community Member

            Thanks for the info!


            I was able to make a button to print first 10 pages


            this.print({nStart: 0, nEnd: 9, });




            var pp = this.getPrintParams();

            pp.firstPage = 0;

            pp.lastPage = 9;



            But I'm unsure on how to script it to check for check boxes

            can you nudge me in the right direction ?


            Thanks again